Color Block: Make mine red!

Classic. Passionate.  Sexy.

There is no color that elicits more of an innate reaction in us than red. Depending on your cultural background, it may mean love, honor, purity, sex, or celebration. It is the color of roses, strawberries, rich wines, that elusive perfect lipstick, and those killer heels. (And Cornell…go Big Red!! :D )

Red adds richness to the wedding palette

For all its power, it is remarkably tough to go wrong with red. It is so classic, providing a sophisticated accent to the white and black of conventional wedding garb that is both fiery and refined.

Red is both sophisticated and sexy in the wedding context

In a nutshell, if you’re stuck in trying to decide on your wedding accent color, red is a stylish, timeless choice.

So what’s your favorite red?

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